Marcela Meka Klimekova

Meka, was born in the central Slovak town of Banska Bystrica. She graduated from Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, in Bratislava with M.A. in Interior Design.
Since early childhood, she took an interest in the fine arts. While studying at secondary school, she attended painting classes under the supervision of MA Stefan Kocka and a series of workshops with Ped. D., Art.D. Jaroslav Uhel.
Currently she lives and works in Pezinok, a picturesque town in the wine region at the foot of the Little Carpathians mountains. ​

Meka creates her artwork using the 'thick paint' technique where acrylic paint is applied to canvas in thick layers using a palette knife. She is fascinated by harmonious colours and she strives to introduce their different combinations in her paintings.
She prefers clearly defined colours separated from each other. Each layer has its own, defined place.
Her favourite subject is nature such as mountains, plants, animals partially combined with abstract elements.

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